Help the "invisible homeless"
with computer skills training.
Online. Available from anywhere
24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

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View the invisible homeless (below)

1. View: Mother/two daughters. Seattle. (video click)
2. View: Woman Veteran. Los Angeles (video click)
3. View: Mother/son. Los Angeles. (video click)
4. View: Woman. Berkeley. (video click)
5. View: Man. Pasadena (video click)

Why is this
training needed?

Computer skills are CRITICAL.

"The Story" (below)

The invisible homeless have access
to local food banks, clothing,
sometimes they have rent
subsidies, showers, and
sometimes an apartment
or temporary shelter as
in a hotel.

The invisible homeless
ALSO need access to
three things to improve their
skills to get a job:

(1) a laptop or computer
(2) Free wi-fi access....
(3) Free training........

The invisible homeless have access
to inexpensive or free laptops,

(click to view one example)

the invisible homeless have access to free wi-fi,

(think Mc Donald's, hotels and other restaurants)

(click to view an example)

(click to view a second example)

but, sadly, the invisible homeless DO NOT
to free online job training skills so
they can help themselves. They sit all day
with no training.

How do I know this? I volunteered
to teach the homeless at two
Salvation Army homeless shelters.

One in Southern Nevada (Owens Blvd)
and one homeless shelter in Southern
California (Los Angeles) (Bell Shelter). None
of these locations had any of this.

I have volunteered at non-Salvation
Army locations and it is the same story.

People living in their cars, and RV's,
temporary hotels and homeless shelters
certainly don't have access to job skill

No skills training available.

What about YouTube?
There is TONS of free training
on YouTube correct?

YouTube has horrible quality, and you can never
find what you need. If you do find what you need
it is too small to see, the sound is bad, etc.

What about other "online" free training?

Other "free online job training" provides "a few"
free videos but the majority is text based reading.

Most text based reading is not good for a learning
experience and especially learning computers and skills.

What about "job training centers"?
Aren't there tons of these
job training centers in every city, and County?

There are job training centers but not all of
these centers offer job training each day or
at a time that is compatible with everyones

I have called many of these "job training centers"
to inquire about "computer training classes".

I usually hear one of the following answers:
1. We don't offer training right now. Call in a month
2. We don't have any money now. Call back on July 1st.
3. We only have classes on Tuesday's and only sometimes.
4. Yes we provide training but you have to come down
and fill out the forms and paperwork before you can
attend any training. Then you can meet a counselor.

Sometimes I call these job training centers and ask
if they have "online training availble". The answer
is always, without a question, "no". Always no is the answer.

These answers are not helpful to "homeless" or "soon to be
homeless" that need training now and not "at some time in the
future. Or,

the invisible homeless don't have money
for gas to drive, pay to park, and attend this training.

Many have children to baby sit in the car, some
have part time or full time jobs that don't allow
them to take time off to attend this training.

What about libraries?
Don't they provide
job training skills (online?)

You would think so.

Many "libraries" don't provide online training
or the "online training" they provide is text based.

Another problem with libraries, to access the
training (if they offer job training skills that is),
you need a library card. To get a libary card,
many times you have to visit the library,
have a mailing address, have identification, etc.

Many of our invisible homeless don't have time,
gas money, parking money, to drive to the library.

Many don't have identification, nor a "mailing address".

Many libraries require "proof of residency". This means
you bring a copy of your "water bill" or "electric bill"
to prove you are a resident of that City or County.

To the "not homeless", many of the above requirements
seem elementary (ie: driving to the library and
providing proof of residency).

But many of "our" invisible homeless don't have
gas utility bills, copies of electric or water bills, etc.

It is time to make it "easy" for people to get
technical skills training so they can keep a job
or get a "better job" so they can stop being
homeless or "keep from becoming homeless".

What about other "online" training?

Much of this training is very expensive to the tune
of $35.00 per month and that price is way out of the
possibility of 'our' people trying to survive.

Let "your City, your County, or your State"
make it easier to get critial job training
skills by paying for this training to be "free",
for the people of your community.

There are programs to get the homeless into housing,

there are programs to get the homeless fed and clothed,

there are programs to help the homeless with rent and food...

...but there are no programs to help the homeless to get
the skills they need, (at a time and place that is
convenient for them, to get the skills to get a job,
get a better paying job, so they get get "off the street"
or better yet, they can keep from becoming homeless.

It is time to help
make "meaningful progress" to prevent homelessness!

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